Make home learning your Current lifestyle!

with a strategy that works for you (and your learner!)

Mapping out your homeschooling journey when you’re not sure where to go leaves you and your family hiking dangerously close to “burnout forest.”

You’re pulled in a thousand different directions as Google offers up a never-ending stream of curriculum, while all you want to do is find something that works…for your child.

And don’t even get me started on all the “Pinterest perfect” room set-ups and DIY décor!

I’m glad you’re here.

Because, while I can’t hand you a pre-made made map telling you exactly which turns to take along the way, I can provide instructions and support for creating your personalized map, filled with your visions, your values, your goals, and your learning. 

Your journey is your journey. Not your neighbor’s, not another homeschool family’s, and not your school district’s. 

What works for one home learning family might not be what works for another so, it’s up to you to map out your path. I will say this: no matter where your paths take you, remember, your relationships and mindset will be your biggest allies.

How the home learning road map has helped my planning

After hours of failed homeschool planning templates with my pencil, and disappearing eraser, I secretly wished someone would hand me a personalized, ready-to-go home-based learning plan neatly wrapped with a bow. 

When no package arrived, I decided to cease the sanity. I pushed pause on my futile scheduling attempts and we gently entered a period of deschooling. 

While shifting my energy, I began thinking about the skills most important for my son’s growth and future success.  I asked myself, “What is he learning from this interaction?” I began to observe and jot it all down. I began looking for ways to incorporate learning into our everyday activities rather than trying to carve out time to force the learning on my less-than-eager child. 

And this is what I discovered: when I finally stopped trying to schedule and organize our “work”, things began to flow. I realized we had a home based learning schedule of sorts! Or, more importantly, we had a rhythm, and learning was happening. 

It dawned on me that all I needed was to figure out how to plan. I needed to do more of what was already working for our home based learning. What I needed was to reverse plan. 

Now, instead of trying to figure out the what, when, and how, of the learning, I have created a map with a few interesting (to us) landmarks. Voila! A rough guide for our very own inspiring, flexible, and relaxed adventure.

Home Learning Road Map

What's in yOUR home learning road map?

  • 21 pages of questions and worksheets so you can finally get a clear cut picture of how to move forward
  • Examples of success and opportunities so you can stop fretting over the details and actually see the bigger picture
  • Real life tools built to stop the distraction of yet another shiny new curriculum
  • A step by step guide to creating your home learning vision with purpose, strategies, and guiding principles specific to each child
  • The know-how to implement a relaxed home learning approach that truly works for you and your child

Are you ready to stop the obsessing?

No more yo-yoing between homeschool philosophies or pulling your hair out over another “failed” curriculum.

No more aching in frustration over the idea that your home learning space has to be “just right.”

And no more thinking that a detailed daily schedule with zero room for flexibility is the key to your child’s learning success!

With the Home Learning Road Map, you start with that bigger picture vision that allows you to move forward while considering:

  • How you want your home learning interactions to flow
  • What experiences and adventures you want to share as a family before your child leaves home
  • What each of your children need individually to learn for success in their adult life

Your 26 Page workbook is broken Into the Following sections:

  • Educational Beliefs: Recognize limiting beliefs and define beliefs which empower you to create the education you want.
  • Family Culture: Create a culture which inspires you to live a magical life full of purpose and fun.
  • Family (and Education)
    • Vision – Your WHAT
    • Purpose – Your WHY
    • Strategy – Your HOW
      • Parenting Principles
      •  Education Principles
      • Guiding Principles – specific to each child
  • Home Learning Ideal Vision:  A series of questions to envision where you want to be by the end of your home learning journey.
  • Structured Rhythms of Success For Your School Year: The 4-5 most important goals needed to accomplish your home learning vision.
  • Kid’s Road Map: Interview your kids or let them fill in their own interactive map.
  • Observing, Documenting, Learning: Learn from your previous year, prepare for your upcoming one.
  • Your Well Being: Take care of you so you can show up well for your kids.

In this workbook, I’ll guide you step by step through creating a Home Learning Road Map that’s as personalized and optimized as possible.

You'll be encouraged to:

  • think big picture and discover what matters most for your home learning lifestyle.
  • develop empowering educational beliefs so that you stop second guessing your abilities as an educator. 
  • build a culture that excites and inspires your family to live a magical life full of purpose and fun. 
  • discover your child(ren)’s needs at this stage of life so you can tailor their learning for maximum success. 
  • collaborate with your kids so they become excited about learning.
  • strengthen your relationship with your child(ren) for maximum synergy and balance.

Frequently Asked questions

Is This Fillable OnLIne?

At this point it is not. However, If this is a deal breaker for you, do send me a message and I can send you a google docs version.

What's the time commitment?

I advise you to vision plan each year before wandering off all willy-nilly on your home learning journey. Doing so will save you hours down the road by personalizing your experience and creating the groundwork for your abundant home learning adventure. How long the workbook takes will depend on you but I suggest either blocking out a weekend—perhaps you could gift yourself a small nature retreat—or setting aside 30-60 minutes a day over the next 10 days.

do you offer refunds?

I appreciate you asking. Because this is a digital product there are NO REFUNDS of any kind. All sales are final.

do you offer Any Kind of Support For completing my Road Map?

While I do no offer direct one-on-one support at this time, you are more than welcome to e-mail me with any specific questions or areas where you might need a little more clarity. I would also love to learn your specific take-aways and ongoing pain points so that I can improve offering and provide the most benefit to you possible.

Don’t Waste Another Minute on Schedules tHAT dON’T sTICK.

Create a Home Learning life that works…for you!

(ALL FOR $47)

Will you join me in creating your Home Learning Road Map? I believe you (and your home learners) are worth it.