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Your Home Learning road map will inspire you to:

  • think big picture and discover what matters most for your home learning lifestyle.
  • develop empowering educational beliefs so that you stop second guessing your abilities as an educator. 
  • build a culture that excites and inspires your family to live a magical life full of purpose and fun. 
  • discover your child(ren)’s needs at this stage of life so you can tailor their learning for maximum success. 
  • collaborate with your kids so they become excited about learning.
  • strengthen your relationship with your child(ren) for maximum synergy and balance. 

no more:

  • late nights creating schedules and plans that don’t stick.
  • fear of home learning requiring all your time.
  • being a slave to your curriculum

This is the exact system I myself used to stop the frenzy of too much research, not enough action, and finally find a home learning system that works. Don’t lose any more of your precious time struggling to figure out how to begin your home learning journey. Let’s make it happen—with the Home Learning Road Map.

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*I advise you to vision plan before wandering off all willy-nilly on your new home learning journey. Doing so will save you hours down the road by personalizing your experience and creating the groundwork for your abundant home learning adventure. How long the workbook takes will depend on you. I suggest either blocking out a weekend—perhaps gifting yourself to a small nature retreat—or setting aside 30-60 minutes a day over the next ten days.