It's time to straighten out your home learning priorities

create a home learning environment that works... for you!

Stop feeling paralyzed by the weight of the responsibility of educating your children. Gain confidence and time while having fun. With the Home Learning Road Map, we can make that happen!

As a self-employed, home learning mom to a 7-year-old ADHD boy, I use to have all the doubts. Did I have the time? Could I really educate him? Was I emotionally equipped to deal with the added complexity of his neuro-divergent learning needs? After hours of failed homeschool templates, endless curriculum browsing, and too many late nights, I began thinking about the skills most important for my my son’s growth and future success. Creating my Home Learning Road Map became vital to our success, saving me time, second guessing frustrations, and even saving me from permanent burn-out. It is a source of endless inspiration, education, and discovery.


Did you know:

  • Home learning burnout happens when home learning priorities are backward?
  • Focusing solely on academics, trying to educate in fear of human made standards, and mimicking the public school system will lower your child’s learning success?
  • Home learning is a creative, flexible, and personalized lifestyle choice that works best with your whole child in mind?
  • Home learning is a journey, not a destination?
  • A healthy relationship with your child(ren) is the foundation to academic success?

Let's create your personal journey

THis free, abbreviate Home Learning Road Map Includes:

  • A series of questions to get you thinking big picture so you can stop fretting over the details of trying to “fit it all in.” Observe, Document, Learn, and Celebrate the start of your journey.
  • A bonus Child Road Map in either interview questions or visual map format.

With the home learning road map you'll be able to:

  • Spend less time stressing over finding the right curriculum and more time finding what works for your child.
  • Present the idea of flexibility with confidence—you’ll be able to adjust your curriculum based on your family’s needs and timeline.
  •  Know what questions to ask to find solutions to your home learning struggles.
  • Collaborate with your child to gain valuable insight into what works for them and give them more autonomy of their learning.

Will you join me in creating your Home Learning Road Map? I believe you (and your home learners) are worth it