Create A Homeschool
That Works... For YOU

We are taming the overwhelm, forming deeper connections, and doing what works...for US! From one home-based learning family to another, we present our best tips and tools so you might do the same.

Our kind of learning

A family, working and learning in a small space.

Relaxed, flexible, eclectic, creative, secular, balanced.

Our Family

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m Evelyn, homeschooling mom to a lively, creative, kind, and curious 7-year-old. We started our home education journey in the spring when the pandemic changed all of our lives. Little did we know then, how challenging yet freeing the experience would be, how it would grow to become part of my son’s holistic ADHD approach.  As a former partial homeschool child, I had a decent knowledge base for home learning yet still, I have been pushed harder than I imagined, in my personal growth, as I learn and adapt to my son’s personal needs.

Sharing a 750 sq ft apt with my fabulous self-employed ADHD spouse, aforementioned 7-year-old ADHD son, and myself (the verdict is still out on my brain), has driven us to be more intentional in our every day as we simplify, build balance, follow our joy and embrace what works.

Currently residing in the District of Columbia, Covid plus our deep dive into ADHD understanding are altering our priorities and we find ourselves slipping into a new season of nature seeking.

What You Will Find Here

My hope for this blog is for it to be an inclusive place for home learners (and some traditional schooling families) to come for encouragement, ideas, support, and a sense of balance.

This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn about non-traditional learning, simplicity parenting, and/or the ADHD brain.

I am just a mom who has put in hours of research and trials for my family and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and perhaps learning from and collaborating with you.

We are a relaxed, flexible, eclectic, secular, creative, exploratory, home learning (each one of us is learning!), global family. What kind of family are you?

All are welcome.

Warmly, ~ Evelyn.